What is ArtDig?
 ArtDig is a small art vendor established in 2016 and is based out of Savannah Ga. Although relativley new to theart world, ArtDig is going acrossthe globe in search of peices of art worthy of your collection. At a fair price.
What are the Goals of ArtDig?  The Goals of ArtDig are simple. Sell quality high-art from around the world for non-high art prices. ArtDig wants more people to own handcrafted masterpeices from artist around the world. Artdig looks to build relationships with both the artist and the art enthusiast.
What Kind of art Does ArtDig sell? The answer is whatever we find to be quality art. ArtDig sells mainly hand done paintings. Done by only the best there is to offer. A majority of the art comes from South America but there are plans to go all over the globe. So know that ArtDig travels all over the world to sell you art at a fair price.